The Role of Law

12 03 2012

There are great dangers when the 10 commandments are removed from the context of the rescue of God on behalf of His people:  self-righteousness, legalism, false gospels (to name a few).  God’s laws, Jesus’ commands, are meant to be sacred instructions for those whom He has rescued that they may successfully keep to the Kingdom path, and to the ways of the Kingdom.  May we follow the law of the Lord out of love for Him.  As John Wesley taught, the Law leads us (I would say pushes us!) to Christ; then Christ leads us in love back to the Law (for now it can actually be useful to us).

Here is a sermon I preached on this topic on 03.11.2012, at Angola Wesleyan Church

(Texts:  Exodus 20:1-21, 1Corinthians 1:18-25, Psalm 19, John 2:13-22)

(Simply click on the link below to listen to the sermon)

03_11_2012 The Role of Law




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