Real Worship: What Does it Sound Like?

5 06 2014

Wow. Yes. Exactly. Worship must be returned to God’s people– all of them. Liturgy means: work of the people.

Thank you Matthew Price for this article

A Table Prepared

worship band lights

When I was very young, we attended a small Baptist church in Spencer Mountain, NC. The congregation was often full and the choir was exceptionally large for a church of that size. I remember the choir specials being plenteous and the sound, heavenly. The choir often sang songs within the “Convention Style” genre of Southern Gospel music. This style usually features all four parts (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) going in all sorts of counterpoint-style directions in a sort of folksy fugue. This, of course, ended in all of the parts coming back together at the end of the chorus before an elaborate piano turn-around led back into another verse. I really can’t remember the congregational singing that much. When I think back and try very hard to remember, I find it difficult to even recall singing from a hymnbook or otherwise as a congregation. The “talent” in the…

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