The Reality of God’s Kingdom

  • Philosophy of the Kingdom of God

Because of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God is a real and present reality.  The church’s job is to live from that reality and invite others to join them in it.  Jesus’ disciples are hungry to live more deeply and fully in God’s Kingdom and seek to find ways to help each other do so.  These disciples know the Enemy is working against them and they stand against him and his lies together—fighting for and not against one another.  The Kingdom is lived out and advanced daily in the lives of its citizens—Jesus’ disciples.  It cannot be manufactured through dynamic church programs or styles of corporate worship.  Those seeking the Kingdom will know they are close when they see the broken being made whole, the bitter offering forgiveness and living in joy, the angry becoming a calming presence, the fearful striding forth in bold confidence, the selfish giving freely, the sick being made well and the strongholds of the Evil One crashing to the ground in a ruined heap!  All that the church does should be evaluated on one question:  Is the Kingdom of God being manifested?  If it is, then the church is truly Jesus’ disciple!


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