Sermons-2012 and older

Here you can listen to several sample sermons

Please note:  These sermons are usually preceded by prayer and scripture readings

The sermons listed below were given at Angola Wesleyan Church  (simply click on the sermon to listen to it)

11_25_2012 No More Elections

11_18_2012 Waiting Plan

11_11_2012 Selfish Giving

11_04_2012 Defining _ALL_

10_28_2012 Shouting For Mercy

10_21_2012 The Joy of Suffering & Obedience

10_14_2012 One Thing Lacking

10_07_2012 One More Night with the Frogs (Raymond Jones)

07_15_2012 Interrupting Jesus

06_24_2012 Diggin in the Dirt

06_17_2012 Kingdom Farms INC

06_10_2012 Tying Up the Strong Man

06_03_2012 The Sleeping God

05_27_2012 Pentecost Sermon

05_20_2012 Ascension_ Christ’s & Ours

05_06_2012 Living in Love

04_29_2012 Shepherds & Thieves

04_22_2012 Sinless Children_!

04_15_2012 The Doubt & Faith of Thomas

04_08_2012 Our Domesticated Easter

Pastor Steve Ridge_ Good Friday Sermon  Good stuff from the pastor of the First Church of Evans,  Derby, NY

Good Friday Sermon_ A Tale of Two Trees

03_25_2012 Jesus_ Both Priest & Sacrifice   (I missed something important in this sermon.  In discussing Melchizedek I should have brought in Hebrews chapter 7.  So, you’ll want to read that before or after you listen to the sermon)

03_18_2012 Lifting Up the Symbol of Suffering

03_11_2012 The Role of Law

03_04_2012 Law & Grace, Death & Life

02_26_2012 Lord’s Prayer_1

12_04_2011 Preparing for the Promise

11_13_2011 God’s Economics

09_18_2011 Christ’s Bride

09_11_2011 The Good Family, Forever

1)  “The Eternal New”  (May 2nd, 2010), preached at Living Springs Church in Minneapolis, MN.  In this sermon you will learn where and how you can experience the eternal, new, and loving power of God.

Sermon May 2010

2)  “No Place to Hide” (Feb. 24th, 2008) — In this sermon you will be invited to enter into the story of the woman at the well from John 4.


3)  “Love & Fire”  (April 6th, 2008) —  A sermon on the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus from Luke 24.


4)  “Gateway Community Church Values: Scripture & Spiritual Growth”  (Jan. 13th, 2008) —   This sermon is part of a series presenting the vision, values, and mission statement that the church board had recently proposed to the congregation.   Rich-Wollan01-13-2008

5)  “The Hero Who Died…But Didn’t Stay Dead”  This was a semi-informal teaching that I did with an audience that was evenly mixed with children, adults, and teens.  It was given on April 23rd, 2011, the Saturday evening before Easter Morning.  I highly recommend that you open the PowerPoint presentation and click through it while you listen to the recording.  It will make much more sense that way!  (Given at the mission house for CornerStone International- House of Prayer, Wilmore, KY)

The Hero Who Died, But Didn’t Stay Dead powerpoint

Click here to hear the presentation:Rich Wollan the hero who died CIHOP 04-23-2011


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